My first computer was a tablet

Saying that your first computer was a tablet in 2020 doesn’t sound weird at all but when I rocked up to my first year of university in 1996 with one of these bad boys under my arm it was mind blowing.

The Compaq Concerto was technically a laptop with a stylus, removable keyboard and very short battery life but for about 30 minutes at time you could use it like a tablet.

Release date1993; 27 years ago
Operating systemMS-DOS 6.2 / Windows for PEN Computing 1.0 (based on Windows 3.1)
CPUIntel Intel 80486, 25 or 33 Mhz
Memory4 MB
Storage120 MB harddrive; internal 3.5″ floppy drive, 1.44 MB
DisplayVGA: 640×480 grayscale
Touchpad83 keys, QWERTY

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