Simon’s Homepage

Simon’s Homepage

Hi there! Welcome to my website.

No really, this is actually my website.

I know it may look like it’s from the 1990s but in a world where it feels like everything on the internet is either selling to you, or selling you*, I hope that’s part of the charm.

*You’ve probably heard the saying ‘if you’re not the customer, you’re the product’. You either pay for things with money or you end up paying with your data, time and attention.

Now I can’t profess to be entirely innocent in the corruption of the internet. Firstly, I have a number of other websites that are far more modern and a lot shinier where I attempt to position myself as an expert and sell various programs, products and services (if you feel so inclined you can find links to them under ‘Projects’) and second, I’m quite aware that I actively use services that are harvesting my data.

So although it may be tinged with a little hypocrisy this website is my little protest against the commercialisation of the internet. By making it look like it’s from the 1990s it’s a reminder to both me, as well as you, that the internet was once more innocent. And that it’s OK to post thoughts and ideas withouth having to think about ‘the angle’…or perhaps even pesky things like spelling and grammar.

So please, feel free to poke around and drop a comment in the comments thread if you like (in fact that would be cool, I’d love to get some comments that weren’t filled out by a spambot trying to sell me cut price viagra).

Enjoy the internet!

Simon Waller

ps. All thoughts, ideas, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors on this website are my own