Personally I’m not a fan of the term ‘blog’ and on pretty much every other website I’ve ever built I’ve tried to come up with a fanicer term such as ‘ideas’, ‘news’, ‘thoughts’, ‘updates’…I’ve built a number of websites over the years. I’m sticking with ‘blog’ this time, primarily to fit the ’90s era theme, but perhaps also to help me overcome my blog-o-phobia. If you’d like to check out other stuff I’ve written there are some links in the sidebar and you can even subscribe to receive updates via that new fandangled e-mail thing.

  • What fire can give (words from an optimist)
    I’ve been wondering what it would mean to apply the concept of fire to my work.
  • The challenge of explaining what you do
    I had an awkward moment with a close friend recently. I’ve known Harsha for more than a decade and she’s someone I’ve leaned on every now and then for marketing advice around the various programs I offer. The… Read More
  • Happy trials
    After nearly three months we finally returned from our Life Work adventure a week or so back. It’s taken me a little time to write about it because a) I’m still sifting through all the memories to find… Read More
  • Listen to the locals
    On Wednesday we left Byron Bay to head up to the Gold Coast and spend a week at the theme parks. Along the way we had arranged to stop at an old friend’s place outside of Mullambimby. His… Read More
  • Slamming into the pot holes on the road less travelled
    I’m pretty sure I don’t necessarily believe in karma. If I did, I would have put down last week to a karmic episode, instead I’m now forced to find some other life lesson in what happened. I had… Read More
  • The answer to poor short-term planning is good long-term preparation
    We are now a little over a month into our three-month Life Work Adventure. One of the key motivators behind the trip for both Nomes and myself was to get a break from our tightly scheduled existence (fully… Read More
  • Can you inherit a mid-life crisis?
    This week I took my kids surfing for the first time. We were staying at Broulee on the NSW south coast and its safe beaches and long easy waves make it an ideal place to learn to surf…or… Read More
  • What to do when a bird poos on your head during a business meeting
    On Friday last week I had an early morning coaching session scheduled with a new member of the Digital Champions Club. Most of my meetings and coaching sessions are conducted over teleconference…which is rather convenient given that I’m currently… Read More
  • Escaping an octopus’s cold embrace
    One of the interesting challenges of life on the road is schooling Miah and Poppy. As we are only away for one term both their teachers have taken a fairly relaxed attitude to what this looks like and,… Read More
  • Hitting the road less travelled
    A quick word of warning: I’m taking a break from my usual style of newsletter for a few months to share something a little more personal…in fact I’m not just taking a break from my usual style of… Read More
  • Is technology encroaching on our humanity?
    There is an increasing level of belief that with just a bit more computing power, another embedded chip we can fix anything from global poverty to climate change. As the ability for computers to create, collect and analyse… Read More
  • Doing less to achieve more. Five things I’ve learnt from working a 30 hour week.
    Six months ago I wrote a post committing both myself and my team to a 30 hour week. I felt now might be a good time to check in and let you know how it’s gone. But first a… Read More